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DLX1000-RX (Receiver)
DLX1000-TX (Transmitter)


We received the shipment and installed the units. Both units are working perfectly! Our engineers are very happy with the product, its performance, simplicity and straight forward installation. Thank you once again for developing such a wonderful product. Surely we will recommend your product to others and will use in our future requirements.
Mohammed Farooq
Emirates Sun Tech. U.A.E.

DATAlynx line drivers are an extremely stable and error free cable extender that we have been using since 2000. We use it mainly in two areas; long cable runs of wiegand data between (1) lift-cars and lift machine room, and (2) at train stations. It works great in such noisy environments. This is a "5 Stars" product in our internal records for products from third parties.
Terence Ching
Schneider Electric Ltd. H.K.

DATAlynx™ DLX1000 Series Line Driver
MagStripe (Magnetic Stripe) & Wiegand Extender

Are you ... Tired of wasting time and money trying to operate your swipe, proximity and biometric reader modules beyond their limits? ... Plagued by endless phantom signals and corrupted data transmissions inherent with electrically noisy environments? ... Concerned about placing your single door controllers and access control LAN's in exposed environments.

Introducing the DATAlynx™ DLX1000 series line drivers. Their fast, simple installation, robust design, and outstanding features, provide simplicity and unparalleled flexibility in access control reader communications.

Multiple Reader Formats
The DLX1000 series line drivers will connect any unidirectional, single or dual data stream reader module e.g. Wiegand, MagStripe (Magnetic Stripe), etc. to a compatible door or gate controller up to 5,000 metres (16,000 feet) away. In addition, they will transmit any number of data bits in any format at data rates up to 1,000 kbps (1.0 Mbps).

Fast Simple Installation
The DLX1000's small physical size, fully encapsulated construction, and wide operating temperature range, enable them to be installed quickly and easily in most locations. In addition, there are no programmers, dipswitches, or header pins. There is no need to configure which data format is being used, how many data bits are being transmitted, or whether the clock is using rising or falling edges. Simply wire the DLX1000 units between the reader module and the door or gate controller and you are ready to start transmitting data.

Multi-Point Operation
In addition to standard single-point communication (one reader module to one door controller), the DLX1000 series line drivers may also be used in a multi-point configuration. This enables one reader module to communicate with multiple independent door controllers and access control systems.
(Refer to Brochure and Installer Manual for more information.)

Reliable Communications
DATAlynx™ line drivers are trusted by companies the world over to guarantee the integrity of their access control reader communications in challenging applications. No matter where you need to place your swipe, proximity or biometric reader modules, the DLX1000 series line drivers will ensure a fast and reliable communications link to them.

Stop wasting time and money! Start using the DATAlynx™ DLX1000 series line drivers and focus on your access control system, not a communications fault.



DATAlynx™ DLX1000 series line drivers provide services related to: Wiegand (weigand) range extender, MagStripe (magnetic stripe) range extender, access control door reader signal extender.